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  • Chongming Farmhouse Music

    Team chartered

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    For group travel agency reservations please call; 13621606231 (Mr. Huang)

    Contact number: 021-59649085

    Contact fax: 021-59649085

    Web: www.kidsmovienight.com

    Add: No. 313, Qianwei Village, Chongming County, Shanghai

    Team chartered

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    Shanghai Haoyu Farmhouse relies on Buick Regal, Buick Land Business Class, Coster Wagon, Audi A6, Honda Accord, Volkswagen Passat, Ford Transit, Jinbei, Jinlong, etc. The vehicles in Qianwei Village are the most equipped with the most complete service packages. Perfect. Providing first-class vehicles, first-class services for various business meetings and travels, and providing high-quality and excellent driving skills as needed: professional driver services familiar with English and Japanese. The sincere service of all the staff of this chain has won the approval and praise of many guests at home and abroad.

    * 1, Shanghai to and from Chongming 2 days pick-up.

    * 2, the driver's meal and accommodation costs.

    * 3, round trip to Chongming Xisha Wetland.

    * 4, round trip to Dongping National Forest Park.

    * 5, Xuegong Pazhou Park Tour to and from the levee.

    If you have other requirements on the itinerary, you can consult the owner directly.

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