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    The wind is light and the climate is pleasant. In this beautiful season, nature is a vast classroom, giving us an inexhaustible source. In order to get closer to nature, we look forward to collecting the joy of harvesting with you and your loved ones, family and friends.

    Picking: Strawberries

             Description: Strawberry is also called redberry, raspberry, raspberry, etc. It is a red fruit. Strawberry is a generic term for the genus Fragaria, and is a perennial herb. The appearance of the strawberry is heart-shaped, fresh and tender, with juicy flesh and a special rich fruity aroma. Strawberry has high nutritional value and is rich in vitamin C, which helps digestion. At the same time, strawberry can also consolidate gums, refreshing the tone and moisturizing the throat.

            Time: December to July.

            Price: 25 yuan - 40 yuan per catty. Can enter the garden to taste


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