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  • Chongming Farmhouse Music

    Individual passenger monthly

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    For group travel agency reservations please call; 13621606231 (Mr. Huang)

    Contact number: 021-59649085

    Contact fax: 021-59649085

    Web: www.kidsmovienight.com

    Add: No. 313, Qianwei Village, Chongming County, Shanghai

    Individual passenger monthly

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    Details of the event:

    Entering the store for 7 days, enjoy the price of 100 yuan / day, one package, one package, one complimentary gift, one day.

    15 days into the store, you can enjoy the price of 90 yuan / day, a package, and a free gift for 3 days.

    30 days into the store, you can enjoy the price of 85 yuan / day, a package, and a free gift for 7 days.

    Due to special reasons for guests, such as leaving the store midway, you can move your time to any time of the year to continue to enjoy this package.

    Free project:

    Every customer who participates in the FIT monthly package will receive a complimentary 3 pounds of self-made Chongming cake when they leave the store. *

    Customers who participate in the FIT monthly package provide free shuttle service between Shanghai and Chongming. *


    FIT is required to receive at least 2 people and 2 or more people per day*

    Pick-up location; right side of Exit 4 of Chifeng Road Subway Station, Metro Line 3

    Shanghai departure time is 9 hours per day at 9 am.

    Chongming departs at 12:20 am every day for 2 hours.

    The standard of the room is the standard room. 2 beds per bed, air conditioning, TV, toilet, shower.

    The entertainment facilities in the store include chess and cards, fishing, (fishing tools, self-prepared advice, wild river) singing, (open from 9 am to 21 pm)

    The surrounding bus route Nandong Line can pass through three cultural villages, Dongfeng Village, Zihai Luyuan, Dongping National Forest Park and South Gate.

    Additional fee:

    Room air conditioning is set to charge 10 yuan per person per day. You can pay voluntarily according to the daily weather. *

    This event does not include national holidays. If you have a holiday, you will receive 100 yuan per day.

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